About us



A-S-A Services was formed in 2011 by Mr Len Bowles initially to provide a

pallet supply service to Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Len identified early on that pallet recycling and distribution was a more eco-friendly alternative to burning and /or landfill of broken or worn pallets, Len quickly embarked on a venture to recycle and repair all pallets in a considerate manner to the economy and the environment.


It is with this approach that A-S-A-Services are able to ensure that valuable investment and resources are saved across all of our waste management and maintenance services which in turn ensures better prices for all our customers.


With cashback options across many of our services users can be assured that costs are kept to a minimum.


In today’s economic environment the option of a eco-friendly approach is very much at the forefront of our business ethos. With partnerships formed with local recycling companies our customers can be assured that waste materials are sorted to reduce unnecassary landfil and or utilised in other means such as chipboard manufacture etc.


A-S-A Services are proud to operate a 99% recyclable policy.



Len Bowles - Company Director

Phone: 07533131691

E-mail: enquiries@a-s-a-services.co.uk